Michel Sauer


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Michel Sauer


Webbook zur Ausstellung im
Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl
4.Februar – 8.April 2018

Essay Martina Dobbe
Lyrics Owen Griffith
Photos Martin Schäpers

Kamel: “The theory of the unplanned event! Want to hear it in full?“

From order comes out an armour position in love selling — the banks divided into the furniture.

Mathematic canal praxis - code hermit. Transport term carnal shack.
The blue ratio truck flex.

Six-zero-six nine-one-five. Such is motors - they kiss as strangers sleep.

Arrogance, carpets, cement, chaos and confusion, defiance, drinks, emptiness, two hammers, ignorance, insolence, madness, matches, options, oppression, presumption, revenge, stupidity, thirst, turmoil, wilderness and windows.

Konzept Michel Sauer
Photos Martin Schäpers
Lyrik Owen Griffith
Essay Martina Dobbe
Web cuibono media network


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